Proadec ProFoil edgings consist of a decorative foil on ABS based material.

The ABS base colour is then covered by a very thin layer of real metallic particles which are transferred to the surface of the edging. 
Although ProFoil has a real metallic effect, it does not consist of a metal foil laminated directly to the base ABS edgings. 
The adhesion of the metallic particles to the substrate has been completely tested and is fully guaranteed. There is no metallic seam line visible. 
ProFoil is formulated to prevent discoloration and to be resistant to external mechanical wear such as abrasion, scratches and chemical agents. 
Proadec ProFoil edgings are suitable for practically all applications – e.g. on furniture doorfronts, on kitchen worktops, on office desks, on the cut edge of floor coverings, as well as for shop fittings and interior design applications. 


ProFoil is available in a variety of decors and shades in different types of metal being aluminium and chromium the most popular. 

Aluminium is a relatively soft, durable, lightweight, and malleable metal. 
Chromium metal has proven higher value than aluminium due to its high corrosion resistance and hardness and to its gloss finish. 

Profoil is presented in two variants: standard and special.
ProFoil standard has the standard metallic effect, being steel and stainless steel the most common.
ProFoil special features a shiny metallic effect.

ProFoil is available in 8 different shades:

ProFoil is produced in thicknesses ranging from 0,70 mm up to 1,20 mm.
Other thicknesses above 1,20 mm may be produced upon customer’s special request. 

ProFoil is a calendared product and is produced in 275 mm jumbo rolls which are then slit according to customer’s specifications. 

ProFoil is only available in SLIT material in the following lengths:
50; 75; 100 (STD); 150 mm
Given their ABS based material with excellent processing characteristics, ProFoil edgings are easily processed either by hand or machine
Because the metallic effect results from very thin metallic particles and not from a metallic foil, end trimming and milling runs smoothly and does not damage tools. 
The end trim cut is performed using standard set saw blades, yet blades should be in good state in order to avoid splintering.

Upmarket and fashionable products with a real metallic effect.
ProFoil is a cost-effective option to replicate the real aluminium and metal effects. 
Excellent processing characteristics.
Invisible metallic seam line. 
Does not damage standard tools during processing. 
Can be produced in a wide variety of metallic shades and dimensions.



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