Waxes, pens and cleaners


The increase demand for quality finished furniture and the need to reduce costs replacing expensive components has raised the need for clean and repair products.

Clean and repair products play an important role in offering cost effective ways of dealing with surface marks, glue streaks and minor defects, which may occur during manufacture, transportation or instalation.

Waxes, pens and cleaners

Proadec UK offers repair pens and waxes for the rapid repair of scratches and minor defects on surfaces. 
Waxes are available in a variety of packs comprising a selection of shades. 
Colours can be combined to achieve the perfect match.
Easily removes adhesive residue, marker pen and other ink marks and other impurities on plastic surfaces as ABS, PVC, PP, etc.
Unlike traditional cleaners, this panel wipe is suitable for use with ABS.
Dries quickly whithout residue, leaving a pleasant lemon scent.
Formulated without chlorinated of fluorinated hydrocarbons.
Available in 1 lt and 5 lt container. 
A plunger can is also available to dispense the product.



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